In line with the recommended advisories of the Singapore government and Ministry of Health, the management will undertake precautions to ensure the safety of clients and hygiene of the studio. In return, the management seeks the cooperation of clients with the following measures:

• For broadcast/film production, no more than 30 personnel on location including no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (unmasked), at any given time.
• Companies registered with IMDA may proceed with no more than 50 personnel on location, including no more than 20 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time.
• For photoshoot productions, no more than than 15 personnel (including photographer, talents and/or clients, crew) on location including no more than 10 onscreen talent/ performers (unmasked), at any given time.
• Unmasking dispensations are to be kept strictly to the fixed cast of onscreen talent/ performers (not interchangeable with other non-onscreen performing roles) for the entire production
• No on-site audiences should be present on location; all personnel should comprise only talent/performers (i.e. cast), crew, and staff
• Use of Safe Entry and contact tracing declarations at the start of every booking
• Temperature taking at the start of every booking
• Maintaining safe distancing, good hygiene standards and wearing of masks at all times (except for talents).
• All packed food consumed on-site must be disposed neatly at the appropriate waste collection points.

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