The Cheapest Studio Rental at low-cost in Singapore

Finding the right photo studio in Singapore for your needs is like finding a rare pearl in the ocean. It can also feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, which can be awful. If we compare Singapore to a haystack or ocean, consider it as the largest one in Asia! Before your mind tells you to desperately Google/search ‘photo studios near me’ consider checking out our Coco creative spacefor all your fabulous shoots in Singapore! We are after all, Singapore’s finest studio Rentals at a relatively low-cost, with the best gears, and properties.

If you are professional photographer always on the lookout for a good creative space to let your creativity flow in the right direction, then consider our creative space as a treasure you found! Whether you need a good studio for commercial photoshoots, bridal shoots, portrait photography, video creation, editing, daylight studio, or anything else then we have the best studio rental prices in Singapore.

We are your all-in-one destination for every shooting/videography need you may have. Not just that, but our firm belief in creativity helps us understand every creative person’s need for a good space for them to work out on. This has enable us to create such a breath-taking beautiful space, that all your creative ideas related to photography/videography will get a proper breathing chance at becoming something worthy.

Picture of a studio
A great studio will result in a great shooting of pictures

Photo/Video Shooting Studio Rentals-

At our Coco creative space, we have conceptualized three beautiful types of studios namely, Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C. All these studios are available for you to choose from, as per your needs, and budget.

All our studio rental prices in Singaporeare inexpensive, and affordable. They are accompanied with gears, and basic rental equipment.

  1. Studio A needs a minimum booking of four(4) hours. It is the largest in terms of area compared to the other two. The rates for studio A are as follows:

150$ per hour for weekdays.

180$ per hour for weekends.

  • Studio B has a minimum booking of two(2) hours.

It has a price range of:

$75 per hour for weekdays.

$95 per hour for weekends.

  • Studio C is the smallest studio in terms of area, and is perfect for small/quick shoots that don’t need much efforts.
: A picture of Lego figurines where one Lego is clicking picture of the other alongside a normal camera
A good studio rental will always have some add one for you to benefit from

One-of-a-kind, creative space in Singapore-

Your search for studio rental prices in Singaporeends here! We are the finest creative spaces in Singapore to exist. We come with high-end gears, and beautiful studio properties for you to choose from, and make use of in your photography/videography. Our studios are ready to serve your purpose!

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