Things to check before choosing a Videography Rental Studio in Singapore

Renting a studio can be really demanding but at the same time it brings you a lot of excitement and inspiration for the shoot. It might be your new video production or a new project that you are going to be really proud about or an existing client video shoot, and so there is a lot of anticipation about it.

You might wonder that a Videography rental studio might get a little over the odds with the budget, but that shouldn’t stop you from renting one, because of the rewards that come with it.

Every studio has a lot of different aspects to consider before renting one, be it the type of space it has or planning about your shoot equipment, deciding about just the right features will make your ride a lot smoother.

If you are looking for Videography studio rentals in Singapore, then you probably will have a lot of questions in mind. We certainly understand your concern and so here are some most important points that you must know before booking a studio for your next shoot.

Videography gear:

We don’t want you to forget any important equipment for the shoot and and especially if it is a video shoot you need to be very precise with the kind of shooting equipment and must carry the most appropriate ones for it.

Make sure you carry these equipment, even of the studio provides some to you because most of the times it just won’t fit with the style of type of shoot you aim for:


Audio Mixer

LED light panels

Light reflectors


Lavalier mic

Studio Dimensions:

Determining the size and other dimensions of the rental studio is the first thing that you should always consider. A space could range from anywhere between 400 square feet to 4000 square feet. You will also need to determine the space you will require to accommodate all your shooting camera, tripod, lights, reflectors and other small props like tables,chairs or stands. Also consider the space that will be taken by the members present during the shoot ,so that you don’t end up being in a small and congested space creating a mess of things. You should always enquire about the dimensions of the room that will be used for the recording and shoot purpose,which should not involve the dimensions of other rooms like restroom, pantry,makeup room or office room in the rental space. A room of dimension 1500-2000 square feet is ideal for a normal video shoot and should be 12 feet to 18 feet.

Natural Light and Background:

Lighting is very intrinsic to photography and videography. It completely depends on the type of shoot. If it is a food or lifestyle related video then you might consider a place with lots of natural light and space, and also the time of the day which might affect the quality and tone. Shoots for products generally need low light. A Background is usually a roll of white paper or green screen behind the subject . A cyc wall, an abbreviation for Cyclorama according to Webster, is  “a curved wall used as a background of a stage set to suggest unlimited space.”. It is a background or a space which allows the person to to give a seamless background effect and a possibility for experimenting with various background effects.

Sound Proofing:

Next thing you want to make sure of about your video shoot is the sound proofing. Photography shoots mostly do not review such environments but you will need a quieter and more relaxed kind of environment for a video shoot. It will save you a lot of time from the outside noise and the unnecessarily long retakes. You should consider renting a professional videography studio with acoustic foam panels if you have a video shoot requiring better sound quality.

Studio Equipment:

Another thing that can simplify the process upto a level is finding a variety of equipment at the studio,most rental studios in Singapore will provide you with different things like props, reflectors, lighting equipment and other necessary amenities for the shoot. They would certainly charge for these equipment so look into it before booking the studio. You need to also look if they have specific props or parts that you need or not and you can request them for your specific need. This will save you from bringing a lot of equipment of your own especially if you are someone new to the field and will need to buy these at higher rates.

Electricity and Internet communications:

Well if you plan for a video shoot then you certainly cannot work without a good electricity supply in the studio. All kinds of gadgets and equipment will require either charging or electric plugging especially for a commercial or cinematic shoot. Most shoots could require live streaming and recording and cannot afford to waste time on electric power shut down and internet. You should also ask the rental studio if they have WiFi services or not. Bring your portable Wi-Fi connection system if you have a shoot that might require you to depend on the internet.

It is always better to visit the place once and find out about the local shops and stores, as you might need to buy something incase of an emergency or go somewhere to eat with the team. So jot down a mindblowing script, grab your videography gear and ready for the new studio experience.

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